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Over a century ago Bahá’u’lláh taught that religious truth is not final but progressive. Religion is renewed, He said, in every age to re-establish and apply the unchanging principles found in the scriptures of the Great Religions of the world to the needs of the present day. The entrenched powers of 19th century Persian orthodoxy vehemently opposed His message but now His Faith is spread around the world. Here in Issaquah as in Europe, Africa, [...]
  • Attend devotional gatherings together with others who recognize our need to connect with our creator.

Our Destiny

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The earth is but one country...
...and mankind its citizens.
- Bahá’u’lláh

Worldwide Conferences unfolding…

A century of endeavor


The time has come

The world we live in Whether we call it “modernity”, or by some other name, there is a universal recognition that there is something very different about the world we live in today – something […]

About the Baha'i Faith

World Peace and the Bahá’í Faith

Bahá’u’lláh counsels mankind: “Let your vision be world-embracing, rather than confined to your own self.“ The Bahá’í Writings delineate a practical and new relationship between the nations and peoples of the world.  While a prisoner […]

From the Bahá’í Writings

The foundations of the divine religions are one. If we investigate these foundations, we discover much ground for agreement, but if we consider the imitations of forms and ancestral beliefs, we find points of disagreement and division; for these imitations differ, while the sources and foundations are one and the same. That is to say, the fundamentals are conducive to unity, but imitations are the cause of disunion and dismemberment.

— Abdu’l-Baha

Bahá’í World News Service

A public hearing organized by the Bahá’ís of Brazil explores overcoming divisions of “us” and “them” through a recognition of humanity’s spiritual nature.

BIC Addis Ababa Office releases a video about the role of women in peace building, part of a series exploring the Office’s contributions to the discourse on peace.

Three new articles published on the Bahá’í World website explore legacy of colonialism and pursuit of reconciliation; diversity and oneness; and modernity.

The Bahá’í temple, which has been promoting environmental stewardship, was host to a gathering for both public and private sectors to reflect on a conservation project.

The Jakarta Office of the Bahá’í International Community explores the role of digital technology in social progress at the 2022 SEAFORB conference in Bali, Indonesia.

The News Service revisits 2022, a unique year that laid foundations for the global Bahá’í community’s efforts to contribute to social betterment in the coming decade

Young people participating in Bahá’í community-building activities are exploring how music can inspire high aspirations and actions for the betterment of society.

An initiative of the Bahá’ís of Vienna that offers German language classes for newly arrived families has also enabled diverse people to overcome prejudices.

The Bahá’ís of Bahrain explore how spiritual principles such as unity in diversity and the relationship between prayer and service are essential to social progress.

Work has now begun on the ‘Akká Visitors’ Centre, which will welcome pilgrims and visitors to the Shrine of ‘Abdu’l-Bahá and the Riḍván Garden.

Amid increasingly violent and repressive actions by Iran’s authorities against their own citizens, two Bahá’í women have been sentenced to a second 10-year imprisonment.

A short documentary looks at the Afnan Library and its outstanding collection of over 12,000 items covering the Bahá’í Faith and other broadly related subjects.

Consultations about Bahá’í educational programs cast light on the growing capacity in Katuyola to address complex challenges associated with the education of young people

Simin Fahandej, a BIC representative, delivers a statement at 35th special session of the UN Human Rights Council on the deteriorating situation of human rights in Iran.

The BIC delegation at the COP27 climate summit participated in numerous discussions, highlighting the need for humanity to recast its relationship with the natural world.

A film produced by the BIC explores a Bahá’í social action initiative in Tanna, Vanuatu, to revitalize and protect a local coral reef ecosystem.